Bc548b datasheet micro

LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier General Description The LM386 is a power amplifier designed for use in low volt-age consumer applications. Datasheet Micro Commercial Components BC548 Datasheet Micro Electronics BC548 Datasheet Semtech Corporation BC548 Datasheet Diotec Semiconductor BC548 Datasheet Weitron Technology BC548 Datasheet Unisonic Technologies BC548 Datasheet Diotec Semiconductor BC548 Datasheet Pan Jit International Inc. BC548 Datasheet BC548A Datasheet Motorola, Inc ... BC548 / BC548A / BC548B / BC548C NPN General Purpose Amplifier BC548 BC548A BC548B BC548C This device is designed for use as general purpose amplifiers and switches requiring collector currents to 300 mA. Sourced from Process 10. See PN100A for characteristics. Absolute Maximum Ratings* TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted The BC548 is a general-purpose NPN bipolar junction transistor commonly used in European and American electronic equipment. It is notably often the first type of bipolar transistor hobbyists encounter and is often featured in designs in hobby electronics magazines where a general-purpose transistor is required. C548B datasheet, C548B pdf, C548B data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf